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Water Hammock, Swimming Pool Water Hammock Lounge Float Hammock Inflatable Raft Swimming Pool Lounger Air Lightweight Floating Chair and Float Swimming Pool Lounger for Adults/Kids Colorful

Water Hammock, Swimming Pool Water Hammock Lounge Float Hammock Inflatable Raft Swimming Pool Lounger Air Lightweight Floating Chair and Float Swimming Pool Lounger for Adults/Kids Colorful

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  • 【High Quality & Comfortable】: Constructed in all-weather Texteline fabric. Comfortable fabric covered pool float cradles swimmers in a sling. 70% PVC and 30% high-strength Polyester Yarn. No smell and non-toxic, safe and no harm to your healthy. Ergonomic design provides plenty of support and an abundance of comfort. It is very durable, soft and super fast dry. You can float on water, luxuriate in sunshine, feel the cool world, enjoy and relax in this wonderful moment.
  • 【Traditional hammock-style design】: Traditional hammock-style design cradles you slightly below the water's level keeping you cool and comfortable. Floating headrest and footrest are positioned to support swimmers for hours of relaxing in the pool, quick and easy to inflate and deflate. Perfect for relaxing, chatting, napping or just floating around. You will get full pleasure of being in the water. Even if you are not good at swimming, you can also enjoy the water play.
  • 【Inflate and Deflate the Pool Lounge Quickly】: Durable 12-gauge vinyl inflatable headrest and footrest inserts for maximum comfort. Easily inflate and deflate with duelock inflation system for your float. Put both pillows into the floating lounger seats first, then blow it up with air pump. Perfect for the ocean, lake, river, or pool. Recommended for adults, children under the guardianship of adults use.
  • 【Easy to Store & Carry and Great Load Capacity】: It can be quick and easy to inflate and deflate, 51" x 26 1/2" in size and rolls up for convenient on-the-go needs and packs away easily for storage and carry. And you have no need to worry about the weight limit, it will handle up to 265 pounds. Allow middle of your body to stay cool by soaking in the water while keeping your head and knee afloat.
  • 【Package Included & Lifetime Warranty】: 1 * Float Hammock, 1 * Inflatable headrest Pillow/Bladder, 1 * Inflatable footrest Pillow/Bladder, 1* Inflator Pump, 2 * Inflatable Drink Holders. Our swimming cup holder is made of superior quality and durable PVC plastic, and our inflatable cup holders can keep your coke, beer, fruit juice when you feel thirsty. Lifetime Warranty:Contact us anytime for any issue. We are confident about our products. Please make sure you buy from our store: Tripirit.


1. Hammock-Style Design

The hammock-style design cradles you slightly below the water's surface keeping you cool and comfortable even on the hottest of days.

2. All-Weather Fabric

The all-weather fabric is woven from poly-coated threads, ensuring maximum durability yet soft and flexible to the touch.

3. Balanced Buoyancy

A larger headrest provides a more natural upright lounging position in the water. Inflatable headrest and footrest bladders are made from durable 12-gauge vinyl.

4. Roll'n Go Convenience

The Water Hammock Lounge measures 26" W x 51 3/4" L and rolls up quickly for on-the-go, suitcase packing, or storage ease.


Color: Colorful

Material: 70% PVC, 30% high strength polyester yarn

Size: 51" x 26 1/2"

Net weight: 0.8KG/1.76LB

Suitable for adults and kids

Tips for Inserting the Pillow/Bladder:

1.The Water Hammock's headrest and footrest are different sizes.Match the correct size inflatable bladder to fit each.

2.Scrunch the Water Hammock ends together and insert the end of the pillow/bladder (without valve) into the opening.

3.Grabbing both the end of the hammock and end of the bladder together, pull the hammock material back over the bladder.

4.Finish by inflating the bladder.


1.Kids must be accompanied by an adult to ensure safety. If you can not swim, please adapt to the water activities first. 

2.Don't Sleep deeply when floating in the sea! Don't leave your child unattended, even for a second!

Package Included:

1 * Water Hammock

1 * Inflatable headrest Pillow/Bladder

1 * Inflatable footrest Pillow/Bladder

1* Inflator Pump

2 * Inflatable Drink Holders

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